Frequently Asked Questions

What is it all about?

The company mein-zelt-steht-schon (German for "my tent is already pitched") is a service of the Enrico Vlach & Nico Seifert Festivalservice GbR. It was founded on June 12, 2006 to make it easier for festival guests to attend different events.

You will not only get a shelter over your head but also don't have to carry all the stuff to the campground. Chairs, tables or tarps - you'll get it all and nobody has to drag it from here to there. Because your tent is already pitched!

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How is the service integrated into the festival?

mein-zelt-steht-schon cooperates with the festival organisers.

That means:
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Pretty expensive! Or not?

Some people might say that our prices are very high and a good tent is much cheaper to buy than our rental stuff - and pitching their own festival tents is very easy.

It's correct - you can buy a tent for little money. But is it a good one? Can it be pitched multiple times after a long festival weekend? Who knows?

Please understand the costs as service-prices: You not only pay the value of a tent, but also the service you get. That's of course pitching/putting down the tents and attending our reception. But also think of warehousing, cleaning, repairing, transport etc. And we promise that our team members are available the whole time during the festival if you need help or have a question.

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How can I find the camp on the campground?

We try to locate our camps according to various criteria: We basically locate our camp in accordance with the festival organiser.

You'll recognize our camp by our flag. There you'll find our reception where you can check in. During the booking process you get our mobile hotline number so you can call our crew during the festival or when you arrive. Our reception is open from 8 to 22 o'clock; if you arrive or depart outside of these hours, call us on our mobile.

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What if someone's jumping onto my tent?

If there's any damage to the tent caused by third persons or weather then you will not be liable.

Our crew is well trained and able to recognize how the damage was done and settle any doubtly matters generously in favor of our guests.

Experience shows that most of our guests are very careful and pay attention to their environment so the atmosphere in our camps is very relaxed and pleasant.

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Do I get a parking space next to the tent?

Basically we have to follow the festival organiser's rules regarding parking spaces.

So parking nearby your tent is allowed only at those festivals where cars are allowed on the campground anyway. During the booking process you can inform us if a parking space is needed and how many cars are coming. Usually one car per tent is ok.

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Do the costs include the festival ticket?

No they don't.

All extras which have nothing to do with our service (camping ticket, parking fee, green camp permission, shower wristband etc.) have to be purchased from the organiser. Please inform yourself about the specific rules because every festival has other procedures.

For some of our festivals you can order tickets anyway. So check out our online shop ("Tickets").

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What if the festival is cancelled? Or what if I cancel my order?

Sometimes a festival is cancelled by the organiser due to bad weather or poor tickets sales. In the event of a festival cancellation after pitching the tents and before hand-over to you, 50 % of the rental costs will be refunded. In the event of a cancellation after you have moved in, the rental fee shall not be refunded.

All of the invoiced amount will be returned if your cancellation is made up to 15 calendar days before the rental period. If your cancellation is made 14 days or less before start of the rental period, a cancellation fee will be charged. Details are shown under § 3 of our Terms.

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What about locks on the tent?

Like all festival guests you are responsible for your values in your tent. So please be careful and don't bring all your technical stuff along.

A lock on the zipper will not protect your tent. The tent skin is thin and not resistant at all against knifes or cutters which could be used if a potential thief sees your lock.

Be aware: We will invoice you for the costs if the tent is damaged after installing a lock!

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Is there a special area or can I bring my friends along?

Our camp is located on the normal camping areas of the festival. We erect no fences or walls so interested festival guests can come to our reception and can be informed about our service.

You can also bring your friends along to your tent and party with them. And if some of them want to pitch their own tent we'll find a place next to you - just inform us during the booking process.

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